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On day 1 of the Women's World Cup hosts France beat South Korea by 4-0. Which of the following phrases can we use to describe this win?

On day 2 of the Women's World Cup Spain defeated South Africa 2-1 thanks to two penalties. Which verb can be used to describe the situation when a player scores from a penalty?

On day 3 of the Women's World Cup there was a late winner from Italy against Australia - in the 95th minute. Which of the following does not refer to this part of the match?

Japan were unable to break down the Argentinian defence in their surprising scoreless draw. The Argentinans defended in numbers and a phrase to describe this is ...?

On day 5 of the tournament the USA laid down a marker by thrashing Thailand 13-0 - a Women's World Cup record. Their striker Alex Morgan scored five goals in that game - what do we call it when a player scores five times in one match?

China defeated South Africa 1-0 on day 7 and we said that they bossed the game - what does this phrase mean?

The word 'home' in football sometimes refers to the goal so we can say that a player has 'hit the ball home' meaning that he or she has scored. Which of the following phrases cannot go together with 'home' when describing a goal being scored?

Day ten saw Thailand score their first goal of the tournament in the 5-1 defeat against Sweden. The Thai goal came in the 91st minute but gave them no chance of winning - what do we call this type of goal?

VAR dominated the first two weeks of the 2019 Women's World Cup and in the game between France and Nigeria it was used to decide whether the Nigerian keeper was adjuged to have moved off her line when saving a penalty. This meant that the penalty had to be re-taken which France then scored to give them a 1-0 victory. What do the letters VAR stand for?

On day 12 Australia defeated Jamaica thanks to a howler - what is a howler?

On day 13, the England manager Phil Neville used the phrase 'business end of the tournament'. What does this mean?

Cameroon defeated the New Zealand side 2-1 to qualify for the last 16 when their forward Ajara Nchout beat a defender to score - which of the following words does not mean the same as 'beat a player'?

The first of the last-16 games saw Germany defeat Nigeria 3-0 which meant that none of their opponents had scored against them. Which of the following phrases is not used to letting a team score against you?

The second day of last-16 matches saw England beat Cameroon 3-0 with a goal from a set-piece routine. Which of the following is not a set-piece in football?

The final set of last-16 matches saw the USA, Holland and Italy all make it through to the quarter-finals with the Dutch side getting there with a last-minute penalty against an unfortunate Japan. The Japanese goal was a beautifully-worked one as they carved open the Dutch defence - what is the meaning of 'carve open' in football?

England striker Ellen White scored with a tap-in in their 3-0 win over Norway in the quarter-final of the Women's World Cup - which of the following describes a 'tap-in'?

The USA defeated hosts France in a thrilling quarter-final when they took their chances in a very effective way to win 2-1 in Paris. Which adjective best describes the way the US side finished their chances?

The Dutch side reached their first ever World Cup semi-final after defeating Italy 2-0. Both the Dutch goals were headers so we want to know which of the following words does not describe a header in football?

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